Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a program that allows enrolled S&T undergraduate students to take graduate level coursework for graduate credit (charged at the undergraduate tuition rate) during their last one or two semesters of their bachelor’s degree.

  • Students are eligible to enroll when they have obtained senior status, with a minimum GPA of:
    • 3.5 if two semesters remain or
    • 3.0 if in their final semester
  • Once admitted, dually enrolled students must designated which courses will be taken for graduate credit by submitting a form to the Registrar’s Office within the first two weeks of class.  Courses taken for graduate credit cannot be applied toward the undergraduate degree.
  • Dually enrolled students must take at least three hours of undergraduate credit from Missouri S&T each semester.
  • Dually enrolled students are limited to sixteen total credit hours (of combined undergraduate and graduate credit) per semester, but petitions for excess hours will be considered by the Vice Chancellor of Research and Graduate Studies.

You should apply at https://connect.mst.edu/apply/ using the same account you completed your application for admission to Missouri S&T for your undergraduate degree. If you don't remember your account log-in information, reach out to the Office of Graduate Studies and we can assist you!

  • When selecting application type choose "Graduate On-Campus"
  • When selecting application level choose "Dual Enrollment"
  • Be sure to update the institutional data section to include your Missouri S&T as your undergraduate degree and list your anticipated graduation date
    • Include a copy of your Missouri S&T unofficial transcripts. Your grades are protected information and Missouri S&T students need to provide an unofficial copy of their Missouri S&T transcript for the application review process. You are not required to request an official transcript. You can find your unofficial transcript in Joe’SS by following this path:  Self Service > Academic Records > Request Unofficial Transcript.