Dual Enrollment

Get a head start on your college career

Dual enrollment allows you to get a head start on your college career. Current high school students can take one or two undergraduate classes while in their final years of high school. On-campus undergraduate students can also dual enroll to earn credit for graduate level classes.



Types of dual enrollment

Dual-Enrollment allows high school and homeschooled students to take college-level coursework while they are still in high school. Students may take one or two courses concurrently with their final years of high school. If you are intending to transfer Dual-Enrollment credits to an institution other than Missouri S&T, please be advised that each university handles transfer credit differently. Please check with the institution to which you would like the credits to apply to see how they will complement your intended degree at that university.


Applying for high school Dual Enrollment

  • Apply for admission online and choose dual enrollment as your admission type on the application. 
  • Submit documentation that includes a high school recommendation letter from the counselor or teacher, written parental approval, and an official high school transcript.


Notes about high school dual enrollment

Classes are taken on Missouri S&T's campus in Rolla, MO. Costs are equivalent to that of a current Missouri S&T student.

Students are admitted on the basis of academic standards that exceed those required for admission from high school. Admission is limited and governed by space available in, and pre-requisites for, the desired course or courses. Any student wishing to take a Missouri S&T mathematics course must take a math placement test prior to registration. The Registrar's Office will provide individual assistance with registration at pre-determined times.

Interested in getting a head start on your graduate degree coursework while you're still an undergraduate? The purpose of dual-enrollment is to give S&T students an opportunity to earn graduate credit for courses taken (not required for an undergraduate degree) while still an undergraduate.


Undergraduate students may dually enroll as a graduate student during their last semester of study, provided they have:

Undergraduate students may apply for dual enrollment as both an undergraduate and a graduate student. A student who seeks dual enrollment must submit an application to the office of admissions. Admission for dually enrolled students is granted by the department chair and the dean of graduate studies. Students are eligible to enroll when they have obtained senior status, with a minimum GPA of 3.5 if two semesters remain, 3.0 if in their final semester.

Students must declare which courses are to be taken for graduate credit within the first two weeks of the semester. A dually enrolled student must take at least three hours of undergraduate credit from Missouri S&T each semester. Dually enrolled students are limited to sixteen total credit hours per semester, but petitions for additional credit hours will be considered by the provost.

Dual enrollment forms are available at https://registrar.mst.edu/forms/.

If a dually enrolled student fails to meet minimum undergraduate scholastic standards, his or her resulting academic probationary status will be that of an undergraduate and will be evaluated without reference to the student’s grades in his or her graduate course(s).


Apply for graduate admission online and choose dual enrollment as your academic level on the application. ‌

General application deadlines: 

  • Fall Semester - July 15
  • Winter/Spring Semester - December 15
  • Summer Session - May 1

Students are strongly encouraged to submit dual-enrollment applications by the above deadlines.


Missouri S&T undergraduate students applying for graduate dual-enrollment need not pay the graduate school application fee or submit GRE or GMAT scores. These scores will be necessary if you wish to later apply as a full-time graduate student.