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We believe in quality education to prepare you to pursue and solve the world’s challenges. You'll be among the brightest mindsboth inside and outside of the classroom.

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We Are Miners

We are known for our engineering programs, but we recognize the importance of a strong foundation in business, education, humanities and social sciences, and science and computing. You will have access to 101 degree programs to plan your rewarding career, and you will do it all at one of the best national public research universities in the nation. Learning on our campus far extends the classroom. We cultivate your curiosity in an environment that celebrates the intellectual where there are immersive opportunities to get involved.

  • Are you naturally-curious?
  • Do you possess an unshakable love of learning and discovery?
  • Do you crave immersive opportunities, including internships, study abroad, and research and design teams?
  • Do you want to solve complex problems and make your mark on the world?

If so, welcome home.

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