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Volunteer in your hometown

Missouri S&T draws the interest of talented students from across the country. The Missouri S&T Admissions Alumni Ambassador program is a volunteer program through the Office of Admissions in which alumni provide a link between the talented students in their hometown and the University.

To continue recruiting talented students to our campus each year, we rely on the help of Admissions Alumni Ambassadors to help us attract and enroll the "Best Ever" freshman class each year!

If you are already a member of the Admissions Alumni Ambassador program, we want to thank you for all that you do to recruit future Miners. If you are not yet involved but would like to learn more, please let us know and we'll be happy to tell you more about the program. Our team effort includes you and your willingness to help wherever your special interest might lie. Currently over 150 Alumni Ambassadors represent the University at events around the country.

Ways to engage

Occasionally you may be asked to conduct a high school visit for our office.  These visits differ from a high school fair in that you will most likely be the only college representative there, whereas there are many colleges represented at high school fairs.  Generally the secretary from the counseling center of each high school would be the contact person for setting up a visit.  If you are interested in visiting a high school in your area, please contact Larissa Winstead.


General Information about High School Visits:

  • Usually a counselor will be assigned to you, and he/she may have questions for you about Missouri S&T.  The visit should last approximately 30-40 minutes, no longer than one class period.  Just a note: sometimes you may have mulitple students to meet with, whereas other times you may not have any students at all.  You may also just have the opportunity to visit with a counselor.  Be prepared for anything!
  • Introduce yourself to the students; ask if they have any questions.  Hand out the information cards and pens.  Have them fill out card.
  • Talk general facts with the students.  This would be somewhat like a campus visit speech, modified, of course.
  • Where Missouri S&T is located: population of Rolla, MO: 20,000; population of S&T: 7,600; 5,800 undergraduates and 1,800 graduates.  Discuss competitiveness of Missouri S&T.  
  • Discuss different majors – Ask students what they may be interested in majoring in, and give information specific to the student’s majors. S&T offers 65 degree programs in total.  This includes 15 accredited undergraduate engineering programs, which is more than MIT, Purdue, Illinois or Michigan, and three times the average number found at U.S. universities.
  • High school students are interested in housing requirements, cars on campus as a freshman, sports, on-campus involvement, student organizations, fraternities and sororities, what to do on weekends, etc.  So please be prepared for any of those questions.  Please refer to your Alumni Ambassador Handbook (doc) or your College Fair Training Manual (pdf) for information on how to answer these questions.

A College Fair is a time when a large number of colleges are invited to provide information to high school students, usually at a high school or community college.  These usually take place in the fall (September & October) or the spring (March & April).  A fair may take place during the day or evening and typically lasts an hour and a half to three hours.

To be invited, Missouri S&T must be placed on the invitation list.  You may initiate this by contacting your local high school counselor and asking that Missouri S&T be invited to their next fair.  The Alumni Ambassador Coordinator compiles the college fair invitations each fall and spring, and sends requests to alumni ambassadors in each alumni section to try and find coverage for the various events.  Fair materials and fair confirmation details are then sent to the respective alumni ambassadors who will be attending each event. 

Alumni Ambassadors can view and print the College Fair Training Manual (pdf) before attending their college fair. This manual will serve as a general guide to college fairs and what to expect when attending these events.  It also address many of the FAQ's students and parents regulary ask at college fairs. 

Making contacts with key people who may recommend Missouri S&T to prospective students is an effective way to promote the University.  High school counselors are, indeed, key people.  While some high schools limit official school visits to professional staff, various alumni ambassadors have found great success using the informal route.  Consider these possibilities:

  • Initial contact:  During September, call your area high school counselor(s) to let them know that you are a Missouri S&T (UMR/MSM) graduate.  Tell them you would be very happy to meet any students who express interest in Missouri S&T.  Your call is simply to let the counselor know you are in the area if assistance is needed.  If you are also willing to attend high school fairs, this is a great opportunity to request that Missouri S&T be added to their invitation list. 
  • Second contact:  At some time during the first semester, attach your name and number to a viewbook, take it to the high school, and deliver it to the counselor asking him/her to update the information kept on file for Missouri S&T.  Again, you are not asking for an appointment, just another contact.
  • Other contacts If a counselor does refer a student to you, always follow up with a thank you note or call to the counselor.  You also have the opportunity for contact with the teachers of local high schools.  Let these people know you are a good source of information for prospective students.  Remember the Code of Conduct - none of these contacts should be "hard sell."  Use a helping approach instead.

Please note that all Missouri high schools and many in the Midwest are visited by the Missouri S&T Admissions Staff. If you are interested in assisting at a Missouri high school, please contact the Missouri S&T Admissions Counselor responsible for the high school.

Writing letters to admitted students is another important project in which Admissions Alumni Ambassadors participate.  Throughout the year, Ambassadors may write admitted students to congratulate them on being admitted to Missouri S&T.  The objective of the letter is to relate your experience, as a S&T/UMR/MSM alumni or parent (or perhaps as both), and to encourage students to contact you or an admissions counselor with any questions.

For those Ambassadors agreeing to write letters to students, a list of students and addresses will be provided.  We can also provide sample letters that have been used in the past (as a reference).

Each year the Office of Admissions plans a number of prospective student receptions in various cities around the country.  Sometimes this will be done in conjunction with the Miner Alumni Office and a section activity.  Admissions Alumni Ambassador attendance at these events is very important because ambassadors are given the chance to share how S&T/UMR/MSM has made a difference in their lives.

Admissions Alumni Ambassadors can also help Missouri S&T in planning these receptions by making the admissions office aware of good locations for these events.  Often ambassadors are able to secure corporate locations for S&T at little to no cost, and students are always impressed by these connections, which are further evidence of the success of S&T/UMR/MSM graduates.

The goals of the receptions vary depending on the time of year they are held.  For example, a reception held in the fall would probably be aimed chiefly at seniors, and we would want to persuade them to seriously consider Missouri S&T and apply for admission.  A reception held in the spring may be planned to increase awareness of financial aid and deadlines.  A spring reception is also a good time to start focusing on high school juniors.

We will typically invite local alumni and ambassadors, as well as prospective students and their parents.  There is usually a brief formal program with an admissions presentation, as well as time for alumni ambassadors who are present to say a brief word (if they wish).  There is usually ample time for more informal conversation, and there are also usually light refreshments.

You will find out about the reception in your area via email or the Admissions Alumni Ambassador website.  If you have a location you think would work well for an event, please contact Larissa Winstead.

In the spring, we often get requests from high schools for a University representative to present a Missouri S&T scholarship award to a local student at a high school awards assembly. This is a great opportunity to raise the visibility of Missouri S&T in your local community. It also adds a very personal touch to the scholarship awarding process.

Many high schools have their scholarship banquets or graduation ceremonies on the same dates, so staff isn't able to attend as many events as we would like.

As we get requests, we will send an email to ambassadors in the area that we know are interested in attending these events to request a presenter. If you are interested in presenting at your local high school but they have not contacted us, please follow the following procedure:

  • Contact the high school directly to find out the details of the ceremony
  • Decide if it works for your schedule and tell them if you will participate
  • If you plan to present, contact the Office of Admissions with the information, and we will make sure you have the names of the recipients and the scholarship certificates

If you do present an award, we will provide you with official scholarship certificates, as well as information on the ceremony.

You know high school-age students. Some may be friends of your children, children of neighbors or co-workers, or students in your religious or social organizations. Research indicates that long before their senior year, most students have become familiar with several colleges. If you will let us know of high school-age students, we will let them know about Missouri S&T. 

You may send the Office of Admissions the names of qualified high school students at any time throughout the year.  Please provide the following information so that we may add them to our prospective student database.  This will allow us to keep in touch with the student and send them additional information about Missouri S&T. 

Please include the following:

  • Prospective Student’s Name
  • Date of Birth (used to distinguish between students with the same name)
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Academic Area of Interest
  • Anticipated Graduation Date
  • High School/Community College the student is currently attending

Please, send the student information to the office of admissions. You can call or email anytime.

Some alumni sections hold a Student Send-Off event for prospective students and their parents, currently enrolled S&T students from the area, students who will be new students at S&T in the fall, as well as the local alumni.  This event encourages the students from your section to meet each other, and allows the students to discuss topics such as carpooling for going back home, etc. 

If you are interested in learning more about Student Send-Off events in your area, please contact your section president.  The Alumni Relations Office will help you with invitations and planning.  If you do not hold a Student Send-Off event but are interested in holding one in the future, please contact your section president and the Alumni Relations office.

Need more info?

Contact Larissa Winstead, the Alumni Ambassador Coordinator.
She will be happy to answer any of your questions.


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