New Tuition Structure

Beginning in Fall 2023

A new tuition structure, approved by the University of Missouri Board of Curators in May 2022, goes into effect during the Fall 2023 academic year. 

This new tuition structure makes the costs of a college education more predictable and transparent for Missouri S&T students, allowing students and families to more accurately estimate and plan for college expenses. The new structure consolidates base tuition, supplemental course fees and the information technology fee into one flat rate based on a student’s major, removing the uncertainty inherent in the current model where students are assessed tuition and fees based on the type of course enrolled.

In addition, the new model provides undergraduate students the option of taking 12 to 18 hours per semester at a single flat rate. Removing the financial barrier of enrolling in additional courses within the flat rate will encourage students to enroll in full course loads (15 hours vs 12 hours) and graduate on time. Under the new structure, students can take exploratory courses at no additional cost. Students enrolled in graduate programs will continue to be assessed on a per credit hour basis. 

Committed to Your Success

Missouri S&T’s commitment to student success extends beyond the transparency of the new tuition structure. All Missouri S&T students benefit from several student success initiatives, including:

  • Early advisor intervention with periodic grade checks throughout the semester
  • Enhanced tutoring and through the Student Success Center, Learning Enhancement Across Disciplines (LEAD) and other programs
  • Enhanced, targeted peer mentoring
  • Targeted, discounted summer coursework
  • Increased Academic Advising touchpoints
  • Accelerated course retakes between semesters to improve grades
  • Course redesign for freshmen-level courses with high retakes


Affordable Tuition, Exceptional Outcomes, Great Return on Investment

Missouri S&T offers approximately $46 million in institutional scholarships each year. On average, an S&T student receives $11,196 in scholarship and grant aid  annually. S&T’s affordable tuition, generous financial assistance, and strong demand for our graduates all combine to make S&T one of the nation’s best investments for a university education. (See our rankings.)

Learn more about applying for scholarships, grants and other financial assistance.

Questions? Check the FAQ or contact Missouri S&T’s Office of Student Financial Assistance at or call 573-341-4282.


Frequently Asked Questions

In May 2022, the University of Missouri Board of Curators voted to approve a new tuition structure to simplify students’ bills and consolidate course fees in to three tuition tiers, based on students’ primary programs of study. Under this structure, Missouri S&T will implement a flat rate in each tier for full-time students who take a course load of 12-18 hours per semester to encourage students to take at least 15 hours each semester. Students should continue to work with their academic advisers to create course schedules most appropriate to their learning needs and programs of study.

What is the new tuition structure?

The new tuition structure will make tuition more transparent and predictable and will simplify students’ bills. Undergraduate students will pay a flat tuition rate according to their major for course loads ranging from 12 to 18 hours.

What is plateaued tuition?

Plateau tuition means undergraduate students will pay a single, flat rate of tuition when taking 12 to 18 hours of classes a semester. This plan encourages undergraduate students to take an average of 15 credit hours per semester. If students want to take more than 15 credit hours, they will be able to take an additional 3 credits at no extra cost per semester.

How are the tiers determined for tuition pricing?

Tuition tiers correspond to the cost of delivering the degree, factoring in the cost of specialized facilities, equipment and faculty. Rates will be approved by the Board of Curators in the spring. An estimate of the proposed rates will be released in early February 2022.

How does this help students graduate sooner?

By keeping tuition flat for course loads between 12 and 18 hours, undergraduate students will be able to take additional credits at no additional cost, giving them the opportunity to graduate faster.

Will I still pay course fees?

No. Under the new model, course fees will be rolled into tuition pricing, giving undergraduate students and their families a simplified bill. Fees for Health Service and Activity/Facility will remain.

Is the financial aid structure going to change, too?

Missouri S&T will continue to prioritize affordability as we adapt aid packages alongside the new model. Currently enrolled students will not see a change in their non-waiver scholarship offers. Official financial aid information will be available in early to mid-spring 2023.

What if I haven’t declared a major?

Undergraduate students who have not yet declared a major will be placed in the third tier.