Guidance for High School Seniors Applying for Fall 2021

Due to COVID-19

Admission decisions can be made based on an unofficial high school 6-semester transcript.  Transcripts will need to show that the coursework was completed and credit was awarded for the coursework.


No, it will not.

Freshman applicants for the fall 2021 term have the option of being reviewed with or without test scores due to the impacts of COVID-19.  Scholarships may be available for students choosing to be reviewed without test scores.  

ACT and SAT tests are scheduled for the fall.  S&T will accept ACT and SAT Superscores.  Either ACT or SAT test scores are accepted for use in the determination of your admission and merit scholarships.

With the exception of the AP Calculus BC exam given in 2020, there are no changes in requirements to receive AP, IB or CLEP credits.  For more information on changes to the AP Calculus BC exam credits, please contact the Registrar's Office at 573-341-4181.



Yes, these courses will still count for college credit. We are still evaluating how to transfer credits for those courses that may have changed grading from a letter grade to a pass/fail grade. This will be posted on the FAQ webpage once we have a decision.

Is it considered equal to in-person instruction? 

We do not consider a difference between in-person instruction and virtual/online high school education for admissions or financial aid.