Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Applying

1. How do I apply?

Apply at You’ll create an account so you can save your application at any stage and also access your status portal after a decision has been made. Within the application, you will be asked to provide basic contact information, your chosen program and semester/term, a statement of purpose, unofficial copies of your transcript, and GRE and English Proficiency scores (if applicable).

2. What are the application deadlines?

Visit this page to view priority application deadlines. However, since S&T has rolling admissions we will accept applications after this deadline.

3. I have difficulty paying the application fee. Are there waivers available?

Unfortunately, we do not provide application fee waivers. However, please monitor your email closely for events or other opportunities where you can receive an application fee waiver.

4. Do you accept three-year degrees?

3 year-degrees from a country which is a participant in the Bologna Process are acceptable. For all other countries, students must have their transcripts evaluated by WES ( or NACES ( for degree equivalency.

5. How do I know if all required application documents have been received?

You can check to see if your application is complete by visiting your application status portal. Here, you will see red “X”s if you are missing a document. If we have received your document, you will see green check marks.

6. When will a decision be made on my application?

Once we have received all of your required documents, your application will be reviewed a decision will be made within 2-4 weeks. You will receive an email when a decision has been made. At that time, you will be able to login to your status portal to view your decision letter.


Tuition, Scholarships, Funding

1. What funding options are available?

Missouri S&T provides a variety of scholarships, assistantship opportunities, and a prestigious fellowship for international students. Please visit this page for more information on these options: If you are interested in a research or teaching assistant position, you can find contact information for each academic department here:

2. How much is tuition and fees to attend the university?

You can find the cost of attendance here:

3. Do I need to pay a tuition deposit?

If you received a scholarship for your Masters program, you will be asked to submit an advanced tuition deposit to secure your scholarships. This will be credited to your first tuition payment and is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Visit this website for more information.


I-20 and Visa Process

1. have been admitted, when will my I-20 be issued?

After admission, you will receive an email requesting documents needed for to receive your I-20: passport, financial statement, and affidavit of support. Once these documents have been received and verified, your I-20 will be sent electronically (Spring 2022) within 3 business days.

2. Is the electronic I-20 accepted at the US Consulates?

Yes, per current guidelines from Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) these are acceptable. You would need to print and take the I-20 to your visa interviews.  

3. How do I know if all required application documents have been received?

You can check to see if we have all of your required documents by visiting your application status portal. Here, you will see red “X”s if you are missing a document. If we have received your documents, you will see green check marks.

4. Where can I find more information about the I-20 and visa process?

You can find more information here:

5. What are acceptable forms of financial documents?

Please visit this page to see acceptable forms of financial documents

6. Do you charge a fee to issue an I-20 or DS-2019?

No, we do not charge a fee charged for I-20 or DS-2019 issuances.


Deferring to another semester

1. Can I defer my admission? How do I defer?

Yes, admission can be deferred for one semester from your admit term; spring admits can defer past summer into the Fall semester. If you are interested in a semester past this, you will need to submit a new application. Please send an email to with your application reference number to request a deferral. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee of admission or scholarship as admissions/scholarship criteria change during each application cycle.

2. Will I still receive my scholarship if I defer to next semester?

Scholarships for Spring 2022 will be offered until there are available funds; scholarship programs and criteria change each application cycle, so we can not guarantee that your scholarships will transfer past Spring 2022.

3. Will my tuition deposit deadline be extended?

The deadline to pay your advanced tuition deposit is on your scholarship letter. We are currently not offering extensions.

4. Will my graduate teaching or research assistantship (or other academic department funding) be extended?

You need to reach out to your academic department with this inquiry. Visit this site for contact information:

5. Is there a deadline to submit my deferral?

For students who have deferred from a previous term (Fall 20 or Spring 21) will not be eligible to defer to Spring 22. For those who have applied for the first time to the Summer 21 or Fall 21 semesters will be able to defer their admission. The deadline to submit deferrals for Summer 21 or Fall 21 is August 1st, 2021.


Arrival to Campus

1. Will I need to quarantine when I arrive for the Spring 2022 semester?

At this time, we do not yet know what Spring 2022 arrival will look like. We will follow federal, state, local, and University guidelines. Please monitor this Q&A webpage and your email for more updates as we move closer to the Spring 2022 semester.

2. How can I get from the Lambert International airport in St. Louis, Missouri to Rolla, Missouri?

We will provide solo travelers a shuttle (with USA Express) from the airport to Rolla for a particular period of time before the semester begins. Please monitor our website and your email for updates. If you are traveling with dependents or outside of our timeframe, you can visit this webpage for more options:

3. Will you provide temporary housing?

For students (no guests or dependents) arriving within a particular period of time we plan on providing temporary housing at our campus residence halls for a period of up to 5 days; there will be a nominal fee charged per night. These will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Please monitor our website and your email for updates.

4. Will the fee at the temporary housing include meals?

Meals will not be included in the fee.

5. How can I find permanent housing in Rolla?

Please visit these hyperlinks for on-campus and off-campus housing, which are both available to graduate international students. For information about living expenses, click here.


Immunizations to be taken before arrival to Campus

1. What are the immunizations that have to be taken before coming to campus?

Please visit the Student Health Services to know more about the immunizations as there are certain requirements that need to be met before you can complete enrollment and move onto campus.